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Spousal Support, Spousal Maintenance,
& Alimony

During a pending divorce, dissolution, or legal separation, one spouse may be ordered to pay the other spouse a monthly amount of money in order to cover living expenses.  Spousal support or spousal maintenance may also be ordered to continue after the divorce, dissolution, or legal separation is final. 

Unlike child support there is no formula to determine whether support of a spouse will be ordered by the court, and if so, what amount will be ordered, and how long the obligation will last.  In both Kentucky and Ohio, there are factors to be considered in determining whether spousal support or spousal maintenance is appropriate.

Some of the factors are: income and earning capacities of the parties, whether there are minor children, the parties’ lifestyle during the marriage, the need for additional financial support, etc.  Overmann Family Law attorneys assist clients to determine whether spousal support or maintenance is appropriate for the situation and if so, what amount and duration is reasonable.

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