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When a family decides to make an addition by way of adoption, the attorneys at Overmann Family Law can assist couples and individuals.  The O Family Law attorneys will first educate the perspective adoptive parents or parent on the types of adoptions.

The different adoption options are:

Step Parent Adoption – when a spouse of one of the child’s parents wish to adopt the minor child.

Foreign Adoption or International Adoption – when an individual or couple adopts a child from outside the United States of America.

Private Adoption -when an individual or couple adopts a child where the adoptive parent or parents have come to an agreement with the biological parents without the aid of an agency.  This can be someone introduced to the adoptive parent through family, friends, or church.

Agency Adoption – when a perspective adoptive parent or parents utilize an adoption agency to facilitate the placement of the child in their home.

Foster Adoption – when a foster parent or parents adopt a child that is in the care, custody, and control of the Cabinet or State because the biological parents’ rights have been terminated.

After educating the perspective adoptive parents on the different types of adoption, we will then explain the process to the clients and answer any questions they may have.  In some adoptions, it may be necessary to petition the Court to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent or parents prior to filing for adoption. O Family Law attorneys are familiar with this process and can assist clients in this area.

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