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Collaboratorative Divorce

Utilizing Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to adversarial divorce or dissolution.  Collaborative law allows the parties to resolve both property and child custody issues without going to court.

The process of Collaborative Divorce requires the consent of both parties involved.  Both spouses hire their own attorney who has been trained in Collaborative Divorce. Both parties and their attorneys enter into a contract requiring them to work together to create an agreement that suites both parties and the children.  The parties agree to disclose and exchange all financial information and if necessary, utilize the expertise of financial professionals to determine the best way to split assets and debts between the parties. The parties may also include neutral mental health professionals in order to assist with issues related to the children, and the emotional effect of the divorce on the parties involved.  If there are children involved the parents and attorneys work together to decide custody, parenting, and financial support issues in a way that is best suited for the children. 

Benefits of Collaborative Law Divorce:

  • You and your spouse retain control over the entire process.
  • You can focus on settlement rather than waste time and energy arguing in the courtroom.
  • The end result is a customized agreement that represents the issues important to everyone in the family.
  • Utilizing a mental health professional may provide an easier transition for children at a very traumatic time in their lives.
  • You and your spouse may be able to maintain better lines of communication in the future, facilitating better parenting after the divorce.
  • You resolve divorce with a greater degree of dignity and mutual respect.
  • Utilizing financial professionals may help maintain both parties’ finances and lead to a more secure financial future after the divorce.
  • The process is more private than traditional litigation because you are not appearing in court.
  • Collaborative Divorce is a wonderful option for high asset divorces and for divorces involving parties that are public figures due to the private nature of the process.

The Overmann Family attorneys are trained in Collaborative Law and members of the Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals, Inc.  To find out more about Collaborative Law click here.

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