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When entering a new phase in your life, there is usually an effect on your financial situation.  It may be the end of a relationship or the beginning of a relationship. No matter the circumstance, Overmann Family Law works with our clients to secure their financial future.  

During a divorce or dissolution, there is often concern about the client’s financial future.  The unknown of how marital debts and assets are going to be divided can cause anxiety and stress.  At Overmann Family Law, we walk clients through the process, explain the possible outcomes, and help them prepare for their financial future.

When a couple is preparing to take the next step of marriage or co-habitation, there are financial considerations that need to be addressed that will help ease the transition.  The attorneys at Overmann Family Law can help by preparing a nuptial agreement or a co-habitation agreement to outline the various financial issues in the relationship.

O Family Law attorneys are knowledgeable and ready to work with clients to protect their assets.  We are Focused on Your Finances.

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