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In family law cases it is important to reach a solution as quickly as possible to allow the client to move forward with their life. Whether it is during a mediation or Collaborative Law case, it is important to stay focused on the resolution.  

When serving as a mediator, our lawyers work with the parties and their counsel to identify the issues, generate options, and compromise on a solution that works for both sides and if there are children, the entire family. As a neutral third party, we are able to stay focused on the resolution and work toward a solution.

When representing clients in a Collaborative case or non-collaborative case, O Family Law works with our clients to identify their goals and priorities. There is a lot of emotion that accompanies a family law matter and it is very easy for the emotional element to interfere the client’s ability to make decisions in their best interest. Our attorneys work to keep the client on track and to focused on their priorities, needs, and goals. The emotion will dissipate over time after the completion of the case, but how the case is resolved will continue to be part of their lives. It is important to not let the emotion interfere with the decisions made during the process.

O Family Law is experienced in tackling cases with a solutions-based approach to expeditiously resolve the matter while achieving the client’s priorities and goals. We are Focused on Finding a Solution.

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